Saturday, 14 May 2011

Of Loyalty and Freedom

This post is a very long comment on a link that I was tagged in Facebook.

Comment 1. Identification of Ethnicity

I feel that it doesn't really matter whether you state your name or not because people are going to know what race you are by reading your name anyway. So I don't see the need of stating my race. Even if somehow the Government finally decides to do away with this system, the Government is not treating the root of the problem.

The need for identification of ethnicity can be justified because after our Independence, the economic gap between races was wide (the Chinese were affluent while the Bumiputeras were not). Hence there was a need to help to bridge the gap by identifying one's race to give financial help to them under numerous agencies.

However, that was years ago and many Bumiputeras have joined the middle- and upper- classes and there's no need for ethnic-based policies or ethnic- based quotas. Instead we should help those who are from low-income groups. There are many unfortunate Bumiputeras, Chinese and Indians that need help for money, education and jobs.

Read this:

Comment 2. Working in foreign countries.

I agree with the commentor but only if the high skilled workers come back to Malaysia when they are still relatively young and willing to share the knowledge and experience they have learned overseas. I respect entreprenuers like Jimmy Choo for willing to spread his expertise by planning to open a shoe making institute. However, there are many professionals who are unwilling to come back which saddens me very much.

Comment 3. Love for Malaysia.

We were 'pendatang'. It's a fact. But so are the Indians and also the Malays. The only non-pendatang people in this country are the Orang Asli.

Our fore fathers have worked hard to achieve Independence, but the Malays have worked harder. That is also a fact. But the Malays, Chinese and Indians have worked together to make our Constituiton in 1948 and have build the country to what it is today. The country belongs to everyone not just the Malays.

Personally I don't take offense when some stupid Malays call us 'pendatang' because I know that I'm not some illegal immigrant who work here temporarily and will fly home once I've saved enough money. My parents pay their taxes and contribute to the economy. I know my rights as a citizen and obey the law. I know that the majority of Malays are not irrational and oppose to us being called 'pendatang', like this one.

It took 200 years for the USA to accept a black President. And Malaysia is not even more than 60 years old. I believe that it takes time for everyone to accept one and another. Although 1 Malaysia has many flaws, it's definitely heading towards that direction.

Read this joke:

Other comments

'most leaders of the country supports racism openly'
Refer to previous paragraph. And too bad some politicians just say and do the dumbest things sometimes.

the citizens are always living under fear, constantly controlled and fed with media BS'
That's why I've ignored the news in Utusan regarding the UMNO and Christian/Muslim issue. First of all, I've always avoided reading Utusan because it focuses on news regarding the Malays and sometimes the readers send in racist and ignorant comments that just make my blood boil. Secondly, I don't really care about it because they are just making a big fuss over nothing to help a certain party to get more votes in the coming General Election.

Freedom of Press is a big problem that remains unsolved in this country. That's why I never rely on news from one source only. Still, this is not a reason for not being patriotic to a country.

yet the government does ntg'
If you feel like the Government is not doing anything, then vote the party that you feel will do something lo. So simple.

Conclusion, you are free to be loyal to the country that you're born in, you are also free to be loyal to any country you like. The choice is yours. I choose the former.