Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mahathir kiasu?

I would like to retain the Twin Towers as the highest buildings in Malaysia," Mahathir, who retired in 2003 after 22 years in power, told a gathering of industry leaders.

"At the moment we don't need any tower higher than that. We should build the 100-storey tower, but maybe a little bit later when I am not around," said the 85-year-old Mahathir.

The Petronas Twin Towers were the world's tallest buildings when completed in 1998. They featured a year later in the climax of the Hollywood heist movie "Entrapment" starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Najib, who wants the new tower built by 2020 as part of an ambitious new infrastructure push, has said the project can become a business hub and that the Petronas Twin Towers originally attracted similar criticism.

But Mahathir's intervention could encourage the opposition being expressed in online campaigns and by political parties. He remains an influential figure in Malaysian politics and led a campaign to unseat Najib's predecessor.

Mahathir was himself an advocate of mega-projects when in power. He oversaw the building of a multi-billion-dollar administrative capital, Putrajaya, and launched the national carmaker Proton during his marathon premiership.

Source: http://news.malaysia.msn.com/regional/article.aspx?cp-documentid=4490589

Well, in my opinion, it's best to fix things before making new things. :)