Saturday, 19 June 2010

Things in A Car

*Why is it so hard to start a blog post? Everything I type sounds so bloody awkward*

Okay, I'm just going straight to the point. Yesterday I washed my 'half-car'. For some reason I felt bonded with it. I made sure I can see my own reflection on every cm per square of the car's surface. And the inside of the car was so clean you can eat sushi right off the dashboard like those 'special sushi' that involves naked girls.

*Fine, maybe the sushi part was exaggerated*

So, in order to make the car more cozy for me, I thought of putting some of my stuff in it. Right now, the glove compartment contains my mum's very Cina CDs (think Hokkien songs) and some odd 90's English love songs. I've also found a pair of her cool Dior sunglasses but since I'm so smart they don't fit me because my head is too big. There was also an empty box of tissue paper on the backseat.

I restocked tissue paper and made a mental note to buy a bottle of good smelling essential oil since the current bottle is finishing. The current bottle of sandalwood essential oil is finishing. Yay! I'm tired of smelling 'heong' (joss-stick) all the time.

Now, I've thought putting some of my own CDs in the car but most of the songs I'm currently listening to are in my computer. Which means I have to burn them and that makes me feel even more like a pirate because most of the songs are downloaded from Limewire. So I resorted to just stick to the radio then. Plus I was lazy too.

I did put my own RM20 sunglasses in the car. But the boxless-sunglasses looked pathetic against my mum's posh sunglasses box. Oh well, at least they fit me and make me look like a Mafia. A Mafia in a 'P' car.

That was all. I couldn't think of anything to put in the car anymore. And because I'm such a nerd, I googled "Things to have in car". Here is the list I have found.

1. Map/GPS
Come on I'm just driving around Ipoh. I don't need a map for that.

2. Umbrella
There are 2 in the car. I don't understand why we need 2 umbrellas.

3. Pen
There is a pen but we never use it.

4. Torchlight
There is one but the batteries have died. Mental note: Change batteries. Type AAA

5. First Aid Kit
Ok fine, I'll grab something.

6. Tire gauge
Just go to the petrol kiosk to check la. No need to buy.

7.Lip balm
Har har, it'll melt like ice cream in the car. I'll probably have one in my pocket/bag anyway.

8. Candy bar
Short trip only la and fat genes run in my family. Solution: Replace candy bar with sugar-free mints.

9. Handphone charger
I don't need my phone glued to my ear 24/7

There were some other tools mentioned but they're too boring to be mentioned here.

I wish to have a hybrid car one day so that I won't cringe everytime I go to Shell.