Sunday, 16 May 2010

What I'm Doing Currently

Hello, it's been quite a while right? I'm back!

Yeap, my carefree days are over and now I'm in Lower 6 at SMI. I'm assigned to the Science stream so I've got no choice but to stay in the Biology class for now. Appeal to transfer stream can only be made on 24th May. I'll know the result earliest in 2 weeks time once the forms have been sent. Well, the goverment is obviously trying to make things hard for us to keep the 6:4=Science:Arts ratio. If I can't transfer to art, I'm seriously considering to go college instead of wasting time to appeal again. In the mean time, I have to study on my own for now.

Culture wise, there is one word to describe it; overwhelming. Day one was definitely an interesting experience since there were so many boys from all shapes and sizes. I felt like a fish out of water wearing a butt ugly uniform. The first 4 days of the orientation week was a mixture of fun and boredom. We just sat in the hall listening to talks about discipline matters, introduction to the subjects and other miscellaneous stuff. The fun part was the introduction to different societies and clubs. Although the thought of joining co-curricular activities sounds like a drag, most of the presidents have a sense of humour and gave an engaging promotion. The student council members were fun too. And Yen Chiew was obviously the Tai Kar Jie (big sister) there.

The bodies I plan to join are:
Chess Club - Just because it doesn't involve the sun and will sound great in my admission letter to university
Kadet Bomba - The uniformed unit with the least things to do.
ADAMS (Arts, drama and music society) - Need I say more?

I have also purchased (that's right, purchased) application forms to join the prefectorial and librarian board. Why not eh? 10% chance is still chance. Let's see if I get selected or not.

Recess time is pretty chaotic. I'll make another blog post on that.

The library which has a fancy name called Marian Library is huge, at least in terms of space. The number of tables and chairs is disproportionate to the space of the libarary. The book selection is poor. There are few books, both fictional and non-fictional books and most of them are old and dusty. The book racks are placed at a corner, as if noone cares about them. But they do have a lot of reference books and about 8 Dell mini laptops to use. If I have the opportunity I want to do a reorganise the library.

The cool thing about SMI is that it has lecture hall and rooms and good computer lab. The 5 star toilets are okay. I can't comment about the studies part yet. I have to wait and see if I can transfer or not. That part is really annoying. Anyway, overall I am fond of the school.

So, to sum up, I'm glad to be a useful person again after a 5 month hiatus. I couldn't be happier to return to school life. And meet my friends everyday! And of course, make some new friends too.

I'll update you on the studies part once I settle the transferring stream business.

Competitions etc.
I've mentioned about the film script in my previous post. Well, turns out that if my film proposal is accepted I have to be available to work on the production for 3 months. Too bad, I have school obligations.

But I did submit my essay about climate change to the Commonwealth Essay Competition earlier this month. The odds of winning this is low though.
I've also applied to take part in the Nkabom 2010 programme. It's a youth leadership programme that will take place in Rwanda, Africa organised by the Commonwealth. I do look forward to be selected for this and I've put in effort to answer the questions they gave.

Right, the next project is yet another essay competition! The deadline is next month, better start writing now while I'm still relatively free..