Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Eyebrow update

Papa: You did your eyebrows??!
Me: Err...yea..
Papa: Why didn't you ask me first?!!
Me: Err....
Papa: Why didn't you ask me first??!! (He's quite agitated by now)
Me: Err..I was scared you wouldn't let me....
Papa: You should have told me first..! Look, you can't undo it already..! It's permanent now!
Me: Aiyo relax la. It's not permanent ok. It's embroidery not tatoo la. It will fade one.

He didn't talk about it afterwards. Then, the next day when I saw him in the morning after waking up, he chuckled and said I looked weird.

I guess he accepted the fact that I'm a big girl already. God, bless his 57 year old heart :)

Next post will be on one more girly stuff (But not about cosmetics). Sorry I'll try to make my blog more appealing to both sexes haha. Hmm...I'm thinking about Porsche 550 Spyder...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

WHAT?! Eyebrow embroidery?

No, this not eyebrow embroidery.

98% of Indian girls have beautiful eyebrows. The other 2% have bushy eyebrows.
Me? I don't have eyebrows LOL

So, out of my mum's persuasion and my attempt of being girlier I've decided to do eyebrow embroidery. I've never dyed/permed my hair, never pierced anywhere besides earlobes, never tatooed, no braces. I don't plan to do any of those things except piercing and dying my hair when I'm old. See? Quite 'traditional' right?

"What about eyebrows?" you might ask.

Well, my left and right eyebrows don't look the same. One has lesser hair than the other and they are pain in the ass for me to groom them. They don't really bother me. In fact, it's fun to joke about them. Nevertheless I know I need to do something with my eyebrows. I think there's an unwritten rule about girls having to be well groomed once they're considered 'matured' (hmm, wonder why I didn't apply that rule earlier)

Anyway here's an account of my 'ordeal'
-Went to that Kedai 'Kuan Yin' (ok la, Kuan Yin Beauty Salon) after running some errands with mum. The shop is opposite Olympia College.

-First thing I noticed: Wah so many aunties with fake eyebrows. Got 2 leng lui receptionists. Got one guy there too, hmm.. he's either a doting bf/husband or gay.

-Waited for half an hour because my mum forgot to make an appointment. Witnessed a few aunties erasing their old tatoos, doing embroidery and touching up their embroidery. Overheard lots of 'woman-talk' like beauty, fashion, kid's education, bla bla bla. Vowed to myself never be like them. I'd talk about airplanes and Dato' Tony Fernandez instead.

-It's my turn now!! The beautician first drew 2 different shapes and let me choose either one. I chose one that was 'sharper' and not so 'round'. After making sure that nothing is lop-sided or weird she shaved my eyebrows according to the one that she drew.

First, she put some stuff to disinfect the area. Before she started;

I asked, "What kind of feeling should I expect? How much does it hurt?"
"Like how you pluck your eyebrows," she answered.
"That's not even painful!"
"Wah, you can tahan ah."
"No, are you lying to make me feel better?" I asked suspiciously.

She just smiled sheepishly.

Than a buzzing sound began. I held my hands tight and closed my eyes.

It didn't really hurt at first. It just felt like tiny little needles poking on the surface of your skin (er..upper epidermis?). Then as she kept on poking me with that electric instrument (I call it Big Daddy) back and forth repeatedly on the same place, it started to hurt a bit. Then it stopped. And she poked me with another smaller non-electric instrument to fill in the spots that hasn't been coloured. Another quick round Big Daddy finshed the job. She repeated the same process on the other eyebrow.

The whole embroidery process took about 15 minutes maybe? It wasn't too bad, definitely hurt lesser than a real Tatoo or my dislocated kneecap. I got a shock when I look at the mirror though. My eyebrows were a bit red and swollen but those black up-side-down Nike sign were unmistakable. The beautician said the swell will go away tomorrow. Oh yeah, that 15 minutes cost me RM300. Touch up is complimentary, mine is 2 weeks from now.

Does it look good? Well, it's very dark and swollen now. My mum said it'll take a week for it to be lighter and look more natural. Recommended? Unless you have shitty eyebrows like me, just use eyebrow pencils. Don't be like all those aunties :D

BTW My 'China-man' father doesn't know about it yet. He hasn't come home. I don't know how he'll take it. Hell, he doesn't even like me putting nail polish. I'll let you guys know. HAHA

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Don't Pee in the Pool!

In a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted in April and May, 17 percent admitted relieving themselves in a swimming pool. Even the Olympics' most decorated swimmer, Michael Phelps, confessed to urinating in the water to TV host Jimmy Kimmel. In a 2008 interview, Kimmel asked the 14-gold medal winner, "You pee in the pool, true?"
"Yeah," Phelps replied.
"Which nationality pees in the pool the most?" Kimmel asked.
"Probably Americans," Phelps said.
"Oh, so we're number one in that too," Kimmel quipped.

Sometimes, an indoor swimming pool will emit a strong chemical smell. The swimmers have coughs or red, stinging eyes after emerging from the pool. Usually those symptoms get dismissed as the effects of chlorine, but their causes are something more organic.

When swimmers sweat or urinate in the pool water, the bodily fluids combine with the chlorine. It creates chloramines, which causes the strange odor and the eye and respiratory irritations for swimmers.

No matter how discreet the act may be, "you're contaminating the pool. Let's face it," said Linda Golodner, the vice chairwoman of the Water Quality and Health Council.

The survey released by Golodner's group, which advises the American Chemistry Council, found that 11 percent of the surveyed adults said they have swum with a runny nose, 7 percent with an exposed rash or cut and 1 percent when ill with diarrhea.

The most common recreational water illness is spread through diarrhea. One of the most persistent problems is Cryptosporidium, a parasite that causes diarrhea and can be found in infected stools.

"With Crypto, if you have diarrhea, it's very watery," Hlavsa said. "It's not a formed stool sitting in the pool or floating on top. It could be very watery, and no one [in a pool] would know."

During the past two decades, Crypto has become one of the most common causes of waterborne illness. If someone swallows water that has been contaminated with fecaes, he or she may become sick even if very little water is consumed.

The agency also recommends that people shower before a swim, because most people have traces of feces on their bottoms, which can contaminate recreational water. In the Water Quality survey, 35 percent reported skipping a shower before swimming.

Here are tips to make sure the pool is clean:
• Look at the pool to see whether it's clean and clear, and the drain is visible.
• Listen for pool equipment, because the pool pumps and filters should make noise.
• Feel the tiles and pool sides. They should not be sticky or slippery.
• Beware of a strong chemical odor. A well-chlorinated pool has little odor.

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/05/22/pools.urinate.hygiene/index.html