Thursday, 24 December 2009

Chistmas Joke

My wife's been dropping me subtle hints this week as to what she wants for Christmas, saying things like " I want something that feels really silky and smooth", "Hope you get it in my size" and "I want to be able to wear it every day".
Boy is she going to love the washing-up gloves I bought.
Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Whats my city?

Your City is Buenos Aires
You are cultured, sophisticated, and quite old fashioned. You believe traditions are important, but you are still quite vibrant.
People don't know you well at all, and if they do, they totally misunderstand what you are all about.

You are more interesting and more intelligent than anyone gives you credit for. You are a bit of a hidden treasure.
You are creative, ambitious, beautiful, and fun. You may have a rough past, but you are always getting better.">Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes

Monday, 14 December 2009

New Moon Review

I've just watched New Moon with Niroshaa. She was my sexy Ah Mat hehe.

I spent RM6 on the ticket (thanks to my student card) on hopes that I'll be wowed by the new director since Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) took over. One word to describe the movie.


Good bits:

1) The vampires are not wearing so much make up anymore. :D

2) Shirtless Jacob 'Biceps' Black and Edward 'Swoon' Cullen for girls below 16

3) Memorable (cheesy) line:
Edward: You give me everything just by breathing
Which is cheesier? "You jump I jump" or this?

4) Great CGI for the werewolf scenes. I also like how the camera captures the scenes in the forest. They're quite artistically shot actually. But then these are the only elements Chris Weitz seems to be paying attention to.

5) Jacob brings a fresh air of humour to the otherwise tense mood.

6) It's nice to see some real vampires who will actually kill humans like the Volturi as opposed to the 'vegetarian' Cullens

BAD bits:
1) The whole paper-cut scene looks unnatural. Jasper doesn't look like he wants Bella's blood badly enough. I was hoping to hear a loud snarl from him.

2) The movie starts in school where Edward walks (slow-mo) towards Bella and then says Happy Birthday to her giving an ample time for the girls to gawk at him. Come on, that's soo cliche. At least put some funny music to make him as if he's making fun of his own prettiness.

3) Bella only has two expressions. A vacant stare that is meant to denote intensity which she does a lot and tiny frown that denotes distress when Edward tells her that he is breaking up with her. Aiyo Kristen, why can't you whine like a kid or be angry instead of just staring at him?

4) Edward just scowls a lot or broods. Both of which are annoying once used repeatedly. He could have more personality than a brooding suicidal vampire who loves a love-struck suicidal teenager.

5) Jacob's transformation was never fully explained and Bella did not seem to be genuinely shocked to see a human tranforming to a wolf. Perhaps she got used to myth creatures already?

6) I hate the way Bella is shown sitting in front of a window looking at the trees as months passed by. She looks more like a grandma who misses her cat. I'd prefer fast forwaded scenes of her daily lives of how it feels incomplete without Edward. Isn't that what Stephenie Meyer is trying to tell in her book?

7) The relationship between Bella and Edward is stiff; they are never happy unlike Jacob and Bella, they look like they're under a spell rather than really being in love. It merely consists of staring, silence, Edward throwing some cheesy line like "you are my everything" or "I don't want to live in a world where you didn't exist" . Right, you don't want to live in a world where a girl who stares at you in silence doesn't exist.

Good movie for 16 year old or under die-hard fans. Bad cinematic experience for the more matured audience. As for me, I'll buy the pirated DVD when the next movie comes out. :D

Saturday, 12 December 2009

I have another blog!

Hey guys, I've made a new blog that offers notes on SPM Litetature in English. I'm not trying to be a teacher, I just want to share people with what I have.

Here's the link:
Share this with any friend of yours who is taking this subject :)

I won't abandon this blog, promise *wink*

BTW, I'm listening to Robin Thicke's SEX THERAPY. No, not listening, more like watching. hehe

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Trouble likes to find trouble with the troubled

First of all, let me say one thing.

HOORAYY spm's over!! (for most of science students)

Unfortunately just when I thought the worst event (where studies concern) is over, ANOTHER thing cropped up.


The story is like this:

After returning the textbooks, taking my certs, hugs, saying goodbyes and everything I went to Parade to ask for part-time job at starbucks. Then I walked back to school to put down my bag to wait for my mum. I put down my certs on the bench and my bag on top because I didn't want the certs to be damaged. Then I went inside to look for Pn Sharifah. Then when I return to the frontgate I noticed that my bag is still there but my frigging certs are L.O.S.T.

The frantic search began, every inch of the pondok is searched, but my baby is LOSTTT!! I asked everyone there if they've taken mine and everything but to no avail.

What can I say? Trouble likes to find trouble with the troubled

My theory is this:
1) Someone must have mistaken my certs for theirs and took it home
2) It was a prank because if she mistook the cert, there would be one extra cert left on the bench, right?
Well, there's none. :(

So, please check my facebook if you wanna help.

p/s Next post will a be happier one :)