Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dear Muslims, wanna get spanked? Here's how

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – An Islamic court in Malaysia has sentenced a Muslim woman to be flogged with a rattan cane for having a beer in a nightclub, a court official said Tuesday.

It is rare for a woman in Malaysia to be sentenced to caning _ a punishment usually reserved for men in various crimes ranging from rape to bribery. It is generally done by specially trained officials at prisons.

Part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno was sentenced Monday to six lashes and a fine of 5,000 ringgit ($1,400) for consuming alcohol, said a Shariah High Court official who declined to be identified because he was not authorized to make public statements.

Shukarno, 32, pleaded guilty in the court in eastern Pahang state to a charge of drinking beer when Islamic authorities raided a hotel nightclub in August 2008.

Consuming alcohol is a religious offense in Malaysia only for Muslims, who make up nearly two-thirds of the population. Offenders are prosecuted in Shariah courts, which handle cases mainly related to family and moral issues for Muslims.

Shukarno plans to appeal the sentence, the New Straits Times daily reported.
The punishment "is aimed at making the accused repent and serves as a lesson to Muslims," the newspaper quoted Judge Abdul Rahman Yunus as saying.

-taken from yahoo! asia news

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Two Lovers
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If there's a picture more shocking than Britney Spear's shaved head it's this.
(But then again if there's a picture of Obama in red tight speedos it'll definitely be more scandalous)
But still in the polite world of Flickr, this is really somethin'

A full uninhibited SPIDERMAN-STYLE make out session

I personally feel that PDA a.k.a Public Display of Affection should be guarded. The whole world don't need to know how you and your beloved are into each other. Imagine those sucking slobbering sucking sound.


I remember when I was in KL Central waiting for bus to go to 1 Utama, I saw this orang putih couple walking with hands all over each other and leaning in for a kiss every 30 seconds. I mean wazzup with that yo?? Get a room! I couldn't bear watching them and turned behind. My friends were giggling at them (and me)

Being a true blue Asian I tryy to be as decent as possible. A peck is alright in public but not a sucking-at-your-face session.

..Or maybe it's just me. But still..... =.="

(sorry for the lack of posts. my blogging juice has somehow dried up. must be something that i've eaten =p)