Wednesday, 25 March 2009

ASEAN Quiz 2009

I'm in school now.



I'm one of those 10 people who got selected for this quiz. It is state-level. If I win this round, then I'll move on to another round. Honestly, I didn't study much for it. I just skipped yesterday's BM tuition to study. Unfortunately, I got bored with the official website-lots of words and so little colour. So I went to YouTube! BTW you guys should really check out 'charlieissocoollike'. I adore him. After that I became sleepy and decided to have a siesta instead. I only started to really read up the facts at around 4pm. Then I have to go Chemistry tuition at 8pm. For all the effort spent I should do well for the quiz right?

First of all, I only started at 12pm due to the not-to-be-missed lessons. Then when I finally found a computer with proper internet connection with Mei Yen, Sze Lyn (oops it's Sze Yuen, I'm sorry my friend, if you're reading this, and thanks Mei Yen) and some form 4 girls, guess what?


I can only go to the webpage after wasting 30 minutes, doing nothing. Another 15 minutes trying to log in.

Nothing happens,


What year is it? 2009!

Why do we still have this kind of problem??


Saturday, 21 March 2009

Birthday Tag (it's not even August yet. I don't care!!)

Tag - Birthday tag by chics

The rules:Make a list of what u want on your birthday

i. Money to spend, not much 7.5 million only

ii. Trip to France or Bali

iii.Gadgets – I phone, DSLR!, i pod?

iv. A bulldog

v. Fried grasshoppers for snacks

Now I’m tagging:
Birthday boys/girls; or

Those who seek for
a) Entertainment ; or
b) Cure for boredom; or
c) Simply berasa gatal

oh and check out
it's a really nice song

First Entry

I can't believe my dead blog actualy still exists!!
I remembered I did this like years ago and then I realized that I'm not disciplined to actualy blog every week.
Now that most of friends are blogging, I'm finally motivated to actualy start writing (or 'typing')
I don't know if anyone's reading this. We'll give it a 30 days trial and see how it goes.
I'll post properly tomorrow. It's kinda too early to blog about today, right? teehee